April 13th, 2017

Generation Of Harmony, 4 Week series hosted by Seaside Center For Spiritual Living. 

Learn tools, receive guidance and accelerate your own clarity and awareness. This series will put you in "touch" with your sensory awareness. You will attune to your innate sensory guidance and be adept at navigating a changing world with confidence, creativity and lightness of heart. 

Every relationship in your life is generated from your divine relationship with your Self. In this class you will learn perspectives and tools of awareness that invite and nourish the greatest friendship possible between your mind, your body, and your Divinity. Through examples from the natural world, the animal kingdom, and pragmatic life, we will invite and explore how it feels to be you as a presence that is absent of judgment. You will walk away with the experience and skill to be present in relationship with yourself and others.


April 18th, 2017

9 Week Online Series - Global Participation
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Generation Of Harmony

Expanded Sensory Awareness For Facilitators And Supporters (Series is NOT specific to horses - all are welcome)

This series will be offered for $355 per person. We’ll operate quite like a mastermind group where I will offer insight, perspective, games and direction to guide you to your brilliant self-empowered discovery. Your input and contributions will be an invaluable contribution to the whole. My vision for this work is to offer facilitators, teachers, guides, leaders and all whose heart calls for a continuing education in their own abilities as a human - the universe will meet us at the whatever level of consciousness we are willing to engage. 


April 26th, 2017

Health Made Simple! Join me in the Mission Bay area of San Diego for an evening of education and wellness on every level! I'll be a featured speaker for the evening, sharing with you tools of awareness to accelerate the healing and regeneration of the body, the ease and gentleness of the mind, and how to live with your heart getting lighter every day! 

Location: 3125 Ocean Front walk, San Diego
Time: 6pm
This is a free event!

Contact me for more information, info@kerrilake.com.  

Available on Amazon

Available on Amazon

May 11-14, 2017

4-Day event in Querétaro, Mexico
Hosted by Julio Rodrigo De Villasante
Contact JulioRodrigo@gmail.com for details and registration

There is a special relationship between horses and humans. Throughout history, horses have played a role of carrying humans without judgment into greater expansion of our species. For millenia, this expansion has been in the physical realm. Now that we have machines to do the work horses once did for us, the horses are still showing up to facilitate our expansion in consciousness and communication. This is possible because of the true nature of the heart of humanity - the draw toward unconditional love. The horses will always guide humanity to this love, these states of being, at whatever level each individual is willing to engage. Read More Here.