July 5, 2017

at 4pm PDT

Soul Talk is a gathering of the most high vibrational, cutting edge transformation workers, intuitives, thought leaders and healers in our time, and I love that I get to contribute to help bring about change and transformation in these amazing times.

Join me on Soul Talk on July 5. We will be talking about 

Creating From A Foundation Of Harmony

  • The current of conscious expansion has shifted: no longer seeking our natural state of being, we are claiming and embodying it
  • In a new paradigm, we create from harmony rather than work to escape conflict
  • Re-organize your awareness for the absence of conflict, beginning with the most important relationship of your life - the mind, the body and You
  • Know the sensory awareness, the Presence of your unique tone, and you regenerate all of life 

Click here to get front row seats to ask me your questions and experience my work.

July 12th, 2017

Generation Of Harmony, 9 Week Online Series
Global, US$499 per person
11am - 1pm, PDT

Register and read more here.

Learn tools, receive guidance and accelerate your own clarity and awareness. This series will put you in "touch" with your sensory awareness. You will attune to your innate sensory guidance and be adept at navigating a changing world with confidence, creativity and lightness of heart. 

Every relationship in your life is generated from your divine relationship with your Self. In this class you will learn perspectives and tools of awareness that invite and nourish the greatest friendship possible between your mind, your body, and your Divinity. 

Discount available through the GOH Community

August 24-27th, 2017

3.5-Day event in Paddock Wood, Kent, UK
Hosted by Athena Alternative & Holistic Healing Services
£465 to attend (about US$600)
Click Here for details and registration

An opportunity to come together in the UK, sharing presence and conscious awareness so that all may flourish. 

Generation Of Harmony touches people in all walks of life. Like the other events, this takes place in the presence of horses. Horses offer a sweet presence for people to remember how it feels to be without judgment. 

Our venue is Athena Alternative & Holistic Healing Services in Paddock Wood, Kent. 

Available on Amazon

Available on Amazon

October 12-15, 2017

3.5-Day event in Wilton, CA
Hosted by Barbara Thompson and Sky Ridge Ranch
Email for details and registration

You are invited to experience new levels of personal sensory awareness and clarity in this 3-1/2 day event. Mastery of communication and Presence no longer requires years of practice, meditation or effort. You can “go direct.” We are truly in a new paradigm. 

At this event you will receive tools and guidance to navigate your awareness and Presence with tremendous simplicity, so your heart generates the communication in all of your relationships and interactions.