Awareness And Embodiment Guide, Coach and Facilitator

In 2006 I called the police to help me walk away from an abusive 6 year marriage. Awareness of what led me to that event motivates me to share, to facilitate humanity from every level of consciousness to step into harmony, to be free of self-destructive patterns that are so absent of love. Since 2006, my life has been a very unique, divine regeneration of all that I am.

The work I do now facilitates others to regenerate themselves, their relationships and their lives to higher states of love and empowerment. No matter what the context - professional, personal, family, cultural, social - everyone is in relationships. I recognized at some point that my relationships were full of conflict and competition. And then I realized that somehow we've been taught that conflict is "the way".

Conflict happens, but it never made sense to me that conflict should be the default.  



Kerri is an ascending master, fully committed to her personal, unique journey. Utilizing her own innate gifts and abilities, she integrates wisdom, guidance and communication from every realm of consciousness to assist and accelerate your own integration, starting right where you are.   


Her two published books offer a view into the formation of tools, awareness and the courage it has taken to walk through life without compromise. Kerri has blazed a new trail on the road to freedom from limitations and conditioning. On this trail, all species are welcome and integrate through frequencies of communication. The greatest gift she can give to you is her own purity of expression, sharing her own journey, to help you see that if she can do can you.



Throughout my life, I have been aware of various levels of communication accessible to people. After about 4 years of life, I was told that I can't possibly remember things that happened before I was born, the dog was not talking to me and the trees were definitely NOT telling me jokes. That was confusing because I was also told to tell the truth, which I had...and so an internal conflict began. 

Being "good with animals" put me on a path toward veterinary school and eventually studying at UC Davis. Once I got there, though, it became immediately obvious that academia was not readily receptive of my gifts and way of being. Even so, I finished my degree in Animal Science over a span of time while trying to find the courage and space to express myself in the ways that are totally natural to me.

I didn't have the vocabulary to describe it, I had no experience with other people who had the capacity to hear me. What I did know is that I was able to change the energy, space and consciousness in a room, a body, a barn, kennel, city, time frame, history...through a very simple and elegant sensory connection, through my presence. 


A brief introduction to Kerri's journey - keepin' it real. 

I only learned of modalities like Theta Healing, Meditation, Animal Communication, etc, years after I had condemned myself as crazy and spent almost every last bit of my life force trying to be much less than I am. I was afraid to be different, I was afraid to be the same. I would play silently, everywhere, in "healing work" that has been described as "healing with my being". I see everyone as whole. I see your entire being, and I can't find anything more awesome than you claiming the space to show up as all that you are! And finally I stepped into receiving the love and assistance that would facilitate my own emergence.

Divinity is all about your Presence. There is a whole world out there that's called "New Agey", and there is so much judgment around it. But my question is, what could be more foundationally pragmatic than clarity, understanding, and the courage to be honest with ourselves? That's what it takes to remember and bring forth your Uniqueness and divine expression.  

The greatest gift I can offer you is the fullest expression of my own uniqueness without judgment. That space, the absence of judgment, is the magic, catalytic healing space that the natural and etheric worlds are for us. I know we can be that for each other in this new paradigm of arising consciousness, in our bodies as humans. 

And what a beautiful world this is.